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With our high-performance drills: MaxFeed - MaxFeedPlus - AluPlus - InoxPlus.

The right tool for every application

The endless cycle of cost pressure, optimisation, and increased efficiency places ever new and constantly increasing demands on the performance and reliability of precision tools. As such, tools are subject to individual requirements for different applications and machining tasks. With a view to providing perfect solutions for such applications, we’ve developed the MaxFeed, MaxFeedPlus, AluPlus, and InoxPlus drill geometries. These precision tools are precisely tailored to the individual machining tasks. This allows them to achieve incredible cutting values that exceed the values of comparable tools on the market by a factor of more than 2.

Take that all important step towards success – with precision tools from Müller. Benefit from shorter machining times and longer tool life. With cutting speeds up to a factor of 2, you’re more than a “drill length” ahead of the competition.

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