Special tools

Our special tools are individually designed with the requirements of your processes in mind. From the choice of solid carbide, to the perfect geometry and the appropriate high-performance coating – we develop the optimum tool in terms of tool life, process reliability, machining speed, cycle reduction, and quality of components.

For any modern company to survive in the market, it’s crucial to achieve the best possible balance between product performance and cost. This challenge is a common thread running through all industries. But this is not the whole picture our special tools involve other industry-specific requirements too. The strict framework conditions in the aerospace, automotive, and medical technology sectors – where our solutions are often used – are especially challenging.

Especially in large-scale production, optimisation measures soon become decisive factors when it comes to the economic efficiency of entire product series. Precisely designed and manufactured tools are a crucial basis for increasing efficiency – thereby enabling cost reductions in the manufacturing process.

With our special tools, you ensure the highest economic efficiency and the best profitability for your production process!

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Drilling Tools

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